A família Sommelier está de parabéns! A nossa página atingiu hoje os 5.000 “gostos” Queremos, por isso, agradecer a todos os seguidores, amigos e parceiros, que nos ajudam a fazer do “Sommelier Lisbon” um protejo de sucesso. Planeamos, para breve, a inauguração do nosso espaço, até lá, continuaremos a presentear os nossos seguidores com magnificas provas de vinho. Partilhe a nossa página, ponha “like” nos nossos “posts” e convide os seus amigos. Junte-se à, já numerosa, família Sommelier Lisbon, e seja um dos nossos convidados à nossa próxima prova de vinhos, a acontecer, como habitualmente, em local de beleza e charme privilegiados, onde não faltará também “os sabores e a criatividade” do nosso Chef Ricardo Sousa. Sejam todos bem vindos à família Sommelier, contamos convosco para atingir a meta dos 10.000 “gostos”. -------------------------------- The Sommelier family is to be congratulated! Our page today reached 5,000 "likes" We would therefore like to thank all our followers, friends and partners that help us make "Sommelier Lisbon" a successful project. We plan for soon, the inauguration of our space, untill then we will continue to present our followers with magnificent wine tasting. Share our page, put "like" on our "posts" and invite your friends. Join the already large, Sommerlier Lisbon family, and be one of our guests at our next wine tasting, taking place as usual at beautiful and charming vineyards , where there is always presente the flavors and creativity o our Chef Ricardo Sousa. All are welcome to the Sommelier family, counting on you to reach the goal of 10,000 "likes".

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We are a family of “wine lovers”, a space for sharing and interaction between wine producers, wine merchants, sommeliers and people who simply enjoy this magnificent nectar.


We would like to gather around our table and our wine a group of friends, from all social and professional spheres, who can share ideas and experiences around wine with us.

We started a series of initiatives, such as wine tasting, meetings with wine producers, visits to their farms and cooking workshops.


We count on your support to make Sommelier Lisbon a great Family!

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