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Actualmente existem 14 tamanhos de garrafas de vinho, e é sabido que, quando bem conservado, o vinho melhora com o passar do tempo. Mas porquê? Depois de engarrafado o vinho fica exposto a uma quantidade mínima de oxigénio, o que promove um processo de oxidação e de evolução do vinho, no sentido da intensificação das suas melhores características. Dito isto, o porquê do tamanho das garrafas? Quanto menor for a garrafa, maior o volume de ar, menor a quantidade de liquido, e mais rápida a sua oxidação. Ao contrário, quanto maior a garrafa, maior o volume de liquido, menor o índice de oxigénio, e mais lenta a evolução do vinho. A regra é simples! Quanto menor for a garrafa, mais rápida a evolução do vinho. Curiosidade: Os nomes dados ás garrafas foram em homenagem a figuras históricas e personagens bíblicas. ----------------------------- At present we have 14 sizes of wine bottles, and it is well known that when stored properly, wine improves over time. But why? When bottled, the wine becomes trapped in contact with the little oxygen that remains between the cork and the liquid, thereby allowing the wine to evolve, since it oxidizes slowly and intensifies its best features. That said, why the size of the bottles? The smaller the bottle, the lower the amount of liquid, the greater the volume of air inside and so, faster oxidation. And therefore, the larger the bottle, the greater the volume of wine thus lower the oxygen content and slower evolution. The rule is simple! Small bottles oxidize faster than large bottles. Curiosity: The names given at wine bottles were from biblical characters and historical figures.





We are a family of “wine lovers”, a space for sharing and interaction between wine producers, wine merchants, sommeliers and people who simply enjoy this magnificent nectar.


We would like to gather around our table and our wine a group of friends, from all social and professional spheres, who can share ideas and experiences around wine with us.

We started a series of initiatives, such as wine tasting, meetings with wine producers, visits to their farms and cooking workshops.


We count on your support to make Sommelier Lisbon a great Family!

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