Finalmente chegámos ao Instagram! Agora já nos podem seguir diariamente, acompanhando todas as novidades criativas e loucas do Sommelier! Começámos a nossa semana com mais uma prova de vinhos e iguarias, que chatice!!! ----------------------- Finally we are on Instagram! Now you can follow us daily and all the creative and crazy moments in Sommelier! Started our week with another tasting of wine and delicacies, what a drag!!! #SommelierLisbon #Monday #Wine #Segunda

Sommelier Lisbon Team





We are a family of “wine lovers”, a space for sharing and interaction between wine producers, wine merchants, sommeliers and people who simply enjoy this magnificent nectar.


We would like to gather around our table and our wine a group of friends, from all social and professional spheres, who can share ideas and experiences around wine with us.

We started a series of initiatives, such as wine tasting, meetings with wine producers, visits to their farms and cooking workshops.


We count on your support to make Sommelier Lisbon a great Family!

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