Barca Velha 2008

Barca Velha 2008 por 26€? Já disponível em Sommelier Lisbon!

Reserve sua prova: +351 966 244 446.


Barca Velha 2008 for 26€? Already available in Sommelier Lisbon!

Reserve your wine tasting: +351 966 244 446.

Barca Velha 2008 in Sommelier Lisbon

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We are a family of “wine lovers”, a space for sharing and interaction between wine producers, wine merchants, sommeliers and people who simply enjoy this magnificent nectar.


We would like to gather around our table and our wine a group of friends, from all social and professional spheres, who can share ideas and experiences around wine with us.

We started a series of initiatives, such as wine tasting, meetings with wine producers, visits to their farms and cooking workshops.


We count on your support to make Sommelier Lisbon a great Family!

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